Lose the F.A.T. in Your Office!

30 05 2013

Written by Anne Gideon, Professional Organizer

Tired of those piles of paper, missed appointments and lost documents?

Well, you need to ‘Just Get Organized’ once and for all.

When it comes to paper, the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” is the fear of some people.  The opposite is just as true “Insight, in mind”.  Clear the clutter and eliminate the distractions.  Working with a cluttered desk can lead to procrastination, important calls being missed, bills going unpaid, vital records misplaced and mostly, distract you from the things that matter most to you.  Some studies suggest that as much as 1½ hours per day can be wasted because of a messy desk – YIKES !!…………What would you rather do with that extra time?

Have items you use everyday within arms reach of your desk chair.  Less frequently used items or papers can be filed and stored away in file cabinets and cupboards.

Getting clutter-free and organized contributes to a sense of balance, control & harmony.  Your productivity & efficiency increases.  Amazingly, you begin to see what is most important to you!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what to do with each piece of paper that crosses your desk?  Instead of shuffling paper from pile to pile, integrate handling paper only once.  Paper can only go in 1 of 3 places. The analogy below can help you through this process:

File – papers that need to be referenced in the future

Act – read, pay, call, discuss, write, etc.

Toss – unwanted, outdated or irrelevant papers

6 Must-Have Organizing Tips for your Office


1.  Incorporate a small recycle bin, shredder and waste basket beside your desk to handle unnecessary paper.  Open your mail over the recycle bin – get rid of envelopes and unwanted flyers immediately.  This will cut down on paper by at least 50%.

2.  Have only ONE calendar – Use it for recording both personal and business events to avoid missing an important appointment or event.

3.  A file cabinet is a must.  You may already have one that is empty or stuffed with items and papers you no longer need or use.  Integrate a file system that you can easily use.

4.  Set-up your desk in an L-shape for greatest efficiency.  Clear your desk at the end of each day.  Think of your desk as only a “working” surface not a “storage” surface.

5.  Avoid having small pieces of note-paper everywhere.  Keep your ideas, messages and shopping list in one place by using a coiled note book.  Simply cross out when the task is complete.

6.  For tax returns, according to the Government of Canada, you need to keep your supporting documents for six years from the year you filed it, including the current year.  Have the receipts and documentation to support your claims ready in case you are selected for review.

Professional Organizers can develop easy to maintain systems that work for you.  Organization is a skill that can be learned !!


Goodbye Clutter! “Just Get Organized” Once and for all!

1 05 2013

Written by Anne Gideon, Professional Organizer of Just Get Organized


Are you tired of clutter in your home?  Is having too much stuff causing you stress? Feeling overwhelmed by lack of control and balance in your life?

Then you need your home decluttered and organized once and for all.

We all lead busy and stressful lives.  This can catch up to us in that our homes end up being disorganized and full of clutter.

Being cluttered and disorganized makes us feel tired because our to-do list keeps growing out of proportion. Each task takes longer to do because we can’t find the most important items at our finger tips. We have to scramble over piles of stuff to find one important piece of paper.

Having tons of stuff also weighs you down and tires your mind. You would feel so liberated and light if you let go of the items you don’t love, need, or use.

It’s the fastest way to simplify your life.

Once you let go of all unnecessary clutter, the next step would be to organize everything to make your home and your life efficient again.

Most people have good intentions to organize themselves.

They buy the bins, the magazines, and books on organizing and try to organize their home themselves.  But after months and years of trying, their home is still full of clutter, and disorganized. And they end up feeling more stressed and more frustrated by trying.

So, what is the solution?

Professional organizing.  Professional Organizers will come into your home and offer an amazing life-transforming service. By turning your disorganized space full of clutter into an enjoyable home again.

There are many advantages of using the services of a Professional Organizer.

One is that we are not emotionally attached to your clutter. We can offer objective encouragement to clients to get rid of things that are not needed and are blocking time and effort from important matters in their life.

The second is time. Instead of taking months and years, Professional Organizers can declutter and organize your home in a matter of days.

Your home may be cluttered and disorganized and you may not have enough time to organize your home because of your busy life.

But your home do not need to stay that way, you can say goodbye to the stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed and just simplify your life.

Your home, and thus your life, can receive an instant makeover with the services provided by a Professional Organizer.

Imagine coming home from a hectic day to an organized space where you can relax and enjoy time for yourself and your family.  That is the result of having your home decluttered and organized once and for all!

A Refrigerator Makeover

16 07 2012

We hope everyone is enjoying our blog posts!

This time on the agenda… Refrigerator Makeover.

BEFORE: Out of sight, out of mind. Depending on how many individuals you have in your household, the fridge can be a disaster zone. So many things are kept in this monster appliance that half the time you don’t even know what you have in there!

Example… in this fridge, the following was found (and tossed from)

  • 32 ketchup packets
  • 30 soy- and duck-sauce packets
  • 12 bottles of salad dressing
  • 4 tubs of spreadable margarine
  • 1 empty bottle of ketchup
  • 1 head of (brown) lettuce
  • 1 container of (very brown) chopped lettuce
  • 1 container filled with “either some type of chocolate sauce or gravy,” says Rachel
  • ½ glass of soda (in a two-liter bottle)
  • 24 fish sticks bearded-over with freezer burn
  • 22 three-month-old Popsicles
  • 9 heels of bread, knotted in their bags (“to feed the ducks”)
  • 3 six-packs of English muffins (from a 2008 gift basket)
  • 1 near-empty box of soy “chicken” nuggets (one left)
  • 1 near-full box of soy “chicken” nuggets (one gone)          GROSS! And such a waste of money!

AFTER: Take a look at your families food habits. Toss ancient artifacts, repackage the good stuff in easy-view containers, and relocate items to smartest spots. (Example: if kids are in the house – their drinks can go on a lower shelf, etc.)

Step 1: Drinks Strategy.

If you buy in bulk,  transfer large amounts into easier-to-pour carafes that make use of vertical space. The originals stay in a second refrigerator in the garage or basement. Water bottles (second shelf) rest pyramid-style on a clever rack (certain racks can bout found at hardware or Solutions stores.)

Step 2: Proper Placement.

Eggs absorb odors, so put them in an airtight egg bin in the coldest part of the refrigerator―the center―rather than on the warmer door. Vegetables went in their drawer. Cold cuts now all live in the deli drawer, individually contained. Fruits – also in their drawer. Jars of jam, salad dressings, etc usually go on the door, but that is up to you. You usually want to keep like items with like items!

Step 3: Labels Everywhere

Label makers are great for the fridge. The coldness of the fridge has no effect on the glue.  Label as much as you can so every one knows what and where everything goes!  Bins on low shelves have clear lids so you can see contents from above. – SMART!

Step 4: Matched Storage

In the freezer, bulky packaging was tossed for Zip Lock bags and matching stackable containers. If packages have instructions that you do not wish to part with.. simply cut them off and place inside the containers with the goods.

Step 5: Paper, glass and plastic.

For freshness, wrap your meats in butcher-style paper and plastic wrap and seal with scotch tape. Not only will the meat last longer and stay fresher but it will look like you buy straight from the farm instead of your grocery store! Great look!  Stain-resistant glass is the right choice for storing microwavable leftovers; plastic works for foods you don’t reheat.


There are so many different things you can find to make your fridge fresh, sleek looking and so much more functional! Solutions is a great store to purchase some of these great items! Kitchen Stuff Plus and Benix are great as well. Look around online for neat items too! The possibilities are endless no matter what size fridge you have!

We hope this post has helped you organize your fridge a bit more and give you some great ideas on how to utilize your space! We are here to help and if you have any more questions about anything posted on our blog feel free to call 905-509-4300.

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Thanks for reading!

2. Drawer Organizing!

16 07 2012

Hey Everyone!

This is week is special! It is a DOUBLE POST!

Our second blog post is Drawer Organizing! It’s hard to keep everything in it’s place and people tend to just throw things in drawers. Not any more! After reading this blog post, hopefully we have given you some motivation to keep them organized!

As you can see in the photo, these drawers are well organized. The top is your everyday use. Middle is the cooking utensils and more, and the bottom drawer we have the baking must haves. Each drawer has it’s own use so you aren’t using or messing up every drawer every day. (Of course, you will need some things out of all the drawers at once, but you know what we mean!)

Having all of your utensils, tools and gadgets matching is a great thing as well. In these drawers the theme is Black and Stainless Steel Kitchenaide items. It looks sleek and professional. Another great look is having nothing at all match, different brands, styles, colours especially and more! It gives your kitchen a unique look that is fun and inviting!







Cutlery Drawer is used everyday. Kept in this drawer are your (duh!) cutlery, scissors, knife sharpener, bag clips, multi use lighter, bottle openers etc. We keep these things in the top drawer for easy access and storage. No one wants to search for these items daily! Keep it simple!









Cooking Drawer! Yes you will use some of these things for baking and other uses, but baking has more items so we tend to keep cooking utensils, pizza cutters, vegetable peelers etc., in this drawer. Serving spoons and wooden spoons are good in the drawer as well because they are big items. A lot of people keep utensils on the counter or hanging in the kitchen some where, *remember this is just an option. Showing you these photos is just giving you an idea and inspiring you to create your own way of living in an organized way.








The Baking Drawer. This can get a little full if you are a baker! You may need a whole cupboard or 5 drawers! In this drawer we keep spatulas, whisks, decorating utensils and tools, accessories for the Kitchenaide Mixer, rolling pin, measuring cups and spoons. Everything has it’s place and it well organized and fits in the drawer.


*Note – if the drawer looks too cramped, make another drawer for your things. Or like I said previously, if you need a cupboard organize your tools in baskets or other containers so when you open the cupboard doors, things don’t fall on your head! Haha.






Finally, the pot drawer! It’s great to have a pot drawer in the house – but pretty rare in old homes. If you are fortunate to have a pot drawer FANTASTIC and if you are fortunate enough to built yourself one, make it big!!! Pots and pans are a pain in the you know what! They are big and bulky and there are so many of them! Don’t get us started on all the lids!

If you don’t have a handy lid rack mounted in your cupboard, we pile all of the lids inside the big pot! It’s a great hiding place! Try to match all your pots and pans so they fit inside one another nicely otherwise it could be challenging.







I hope this post have given you an idea on how to manage and store your kitchen items! Again… this is only one option. There are so many different ways to utilize the space in your kitchen because every kitchen is different, every person has a different style and every household has a different income.

We are here to help everyone, no matter what situation. So don’t be afraid to call us! 905-509-4300 – Just Get Organized

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to our next blog post on Refrigerator Clean Up!


Kitchen Month! – 1. Cupboard Organization

1 07 2012

Welcome back Followers!

As promised… we are doing a different room/area of the house each month. Each month will have 4 exciting and knowledgeable post that you won’t want to miss out on!

JULY is Kitchen Month! (Happy Canada Day by the way!) We are going to start with Kitchen Cupboard Organization. There are many different little tricks that people use to organize their own kitchens. Some ideas are as simple as using baskets to hold their kitchen items, other options cost a lot due to mass marketing and popularity. We have come up with an affordable option that is unique and creative!

Chalkboard Labeling! Simple and Easy!


7 Easy Steps!!!

1. Pick out the shape and sizes of the containers that you want.

2. Wash& Dry the containers before painting them. (You don’t want to ruin the paint by wetting the   containers… right?)


3. Tape the containers, leaving the shape you want so you can paint on it.

4. Prime Time! Ask your paint specialist what primer would work best on glass. (If you are using plastic containers, you should be good with any type of white primer.)


5. Ready to paint! Go to your local hardware store and find Chalkboard paint! You may have to do a lot of coats as it is thin, but looks great when completed!


6. Remove the tape! Pretty simple.. haha, but we will provide you a photo anyway. 🙂Image

7. Last – Write your ingredients on the jar and enjoy!


You end with a smart look that is clean! Very easy to re-label since you can just erase the word and start over!

I hope you have enjoyed this little creative tip! We look forward to hearing feedback from you and other great kitchen cupboard organizing tips as well!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next post on Fridge Organization!


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Who We Are & What We Do!

11 06 2012

Just Get Organized is an organizational business that can help you manage your life.

Our mission is to promote customized, effective, and strategic organizing methods to professionals and households in order to enhance the quality of work and personal life. We provide ideas, information, structure, solutions and systems which could increase productivity, reduce stress, and lead to more control over your time, space and activities.

We believe that each person is unique with unique habits and we can provide a unique organizing system customized specifically for each and every one of you.

The reason why we have started a blog is so that our viewers can have access to some great ideas for around the home and office. We use these spaces everyday in our lives and we are always looking for better ways to live in them. We will post some great articles, images, creative ideas, space and time saving tips and so much more!

We will be featuring a different room/area of the house, or a different work space each month as we continue our blog. Each month will have 4 posts, once a week, featuring a different section of the room.

For example July is going to be Kitchen month! So, stay tuned for our first blog post about cupboard organization!

We are so excited to have started this blog and encourage all of our viewers to interact with us and tell us what you are looking for out of our blog!

Thanks for reading!